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Send Your Pediatric Research Questions to FDA
Are you a clinician, researcher, drug developer, patient, or patient advocate with interesting ideas for pediatric research questions for FDA staff to pursue by analyzing pooled clinical trial data (data from multiple clinical trials) submitted to the FDA for regulatory purposes? If so, learn more about this initiative, see what others have submitted, or submit a research question of your own by September 3rd.

Send your pediatric research questions

FDA has access to a large database of trial data from over 1,600 pediatric clinical trials and related trials in adults. FDA generally cannot publish research about individual products or share patient-level data with external stakeholders; however, FDA staff may conduct and publish pooled analyses of these data.

Over the past several years, Division of Pediatrics and Maternal Health (DPMH) staff, in collaboration with Office of New Drugs review divisions and other offices, have published numerous pooled analyses that have advanced pediatric regulatory science. DPMH seeks research questions with substantial potential to accelerate or inform pediatric drug development that can be addressed using data submitted to the FDA.

At the end of the submission period on September 3rd, all submitted ideas will be reviewed by DPMH to determine if one or more may be selected as internal research projects led by FDA scientific staff. Individuals who submit research questions will not obtain data access or collaborate in any new research studies initiated by FDA.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Crowdsourcing provides an opportunity for interaction and communication across the FDA and the public. Crowdsourcing community members can engage with each other and the FDA by sharing their experiences and commenting on the experience of others. These conversations create an avenue for the FDA to listen to the public and incorporate their perspectives into ongoing initiatives.

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FDA staff is here to get a better understanding of what you think FDA scientific staff should research using pooled analyses of oncology clinical trial data. If you have specific questions, we encourage you to share them via email with our FDA staff at ShareYourVoice@fda.hhs.gov.