Share your perspective on PML clinical trials

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First, thank you for participating to share your perspective on PML clinical trials! Your input, both in original posts and discussion with others, will help the FDA incorporate the patient voice in PML clinical trial design. We encourage you to not only post your own perspective, but to interact with other participants by replying to their posts.


Some tips for participation:

• You may reply to others by clicking on the comment bubble in the lower right corner of a post

• You may follow a post by clicking on the star in the lower right corner of a post

• You may easily see just your own posts, and any replies, by clicking on My Posts at the top of the message board

• Perspectives on PML clinical trials vary, and all are welcome, so please be respectful of those that may differ from your own

• Please come back often to stay involved in the discussion!


Moderators will be actively involved on the message board during normal business hours and may ask or answer questions for clarification, or redirect or remove comments unrelated to PML clinical trials, so that the discussion remains focused and productive.

Please reach out if you need assistance by replying to this post.




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